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PayU accelerates reporting availability by 97% with Lore IO

Managed Data Prep

Smart, outcome-based data operations service powered by the world's fastest declarative transformation platform

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Eliminate Traditional ETL 


Business Brief

On-board Customers and Partners Faster


How it works


Automatically crawl and catalog all your data

1. Lore IO will automatically catalog and ingest all your data
2. Discover and profile your data
3. Search and query your data
4. Automate schema changes


Create new data requests
and track their progress

1.Request new data in your own language
2. Assign it to someone in the organization
3. Manage and track your requests


Collaborate on business logic and let us automate ETL

1. Fullfil new data requests by annotating your data with semantics
2. Collaborate to discover logic
3. Use automated recommendations
4. We automate all ETL


Validate, monitor and fix
data quality

1. Enhance new data requests with validation and reconciliation rules
2. Gather requirements, design, develop,  test, stage, deploy
3. Monitor for issues, get alerted with pointers to root cause, fix easily.


Design and govern the
Enterprise Data Model

1. Annotate data with rules for cleanup and quality
2. Design, organize, and re-use
3. Assign owners and control access
4. Maintain security and compliance

Scale your efforts with innovative technology

Unify thousands of sources

Lore IO uses declarative transformations that lets analysts bring together vast numbers of disparate sources into a common format with speed and agility.

Get the whole team involved

Collaboration tools make it easy for large teams to develop a single source of truth that everybody can explore, manage and optimize.

Automate data pipelines

Once analysts define their output schemas and data policies, Lore IO automatically generates the necessary ETL code to ingest and unify the data.

Automate data preparation

April 11, 2019

Lore IO Collaborative Data Unification - Datasheet



April 11, 2019

360-degree Analytics for Media Companies

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Best practice

April 11, 2019

Eliminate Traditional ETL Whitepaper

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Best practice

April 11, 2019

Data Standardization Whitepaper

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Best practice

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